What’s new – April 2019

Ah, spring! When the thoughts of young and old alike turn to one thing: updating websites! Here are a few ideas and updates to get you thinking about what’s possible when you choose Kephart + Associates as your web development team:

  • K+A does most of our website development using WordPress as the content management system (CMS). A CMS allows easy management of the articles, photos, videos, and other items that you want on your website. WordPress is the number one CMS in the world… in fact, it now powers over a third of the top 10 million websites worldwide! So it’s user base is enormous, well-supported, and will remain a global standard for years to come. This means your WordPress site will be safe, stable, and dependable today – and years from today.
  • We also keep up with current web development standards. The technology behind the internet is constantly improving, and our team is committed to continuously learning about these changes and using them to the benefit of our customers. As an example, we’ve begun using a new way of designing, laying out, and programming websites in the past year that speeds up development dramatically, makes it easier to guarantee that sites load properly regardless of the screen size of the device being used, and makes web pages faster to load. We stay on top of these changes every day!
  • Making sure that websites are accessible to people with different sensory abilities is vital today, both from a legal perspective and because it’s just the right thing to do. Not everyone has “ideal” vision and hearing, and the design of an effective website needs to reflect that. K+A has experience developing accessible websites and the tools used to measure accessibility.

Whether you have a small business or organization looking for a simple, easy-to-maintain website; or you’re responsible for a site with multiple layouts and hundreds of individual pages, Kephart + Associates can help.

Give us a call at (810) 892-8599 or use our Contact form to get more information. We look forward to finding out how we can help your business or organization today!