What’s new – April 2019

Ah, spring! When the thoughts of young and old alike turn to one thing: updating websites! Here are a few ideas and updates to get you thinking about what’s possible when you choose Kephart + Associates as your web development team: K+A does most of our website development using WordPress as the content management system…

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WordPress 4.9

All WordPress-based websites hosted and managed by Kephart + Associates were upgraded to the latest version, 4.9, this afternoon. Downtime for each site was less than three minutes. Happy Thanksgiving!

WordPress powers 28% of the web

Nearly all of our clients’ sites run on WordPress, which is currently beta-testing Version 4.9. (We’ll upgrade everyone when the release version is available!) Kephart + Associates has been developing sites using WordPress for over a decade. While we also have experience with other CMS systems, including Drupal, Joomla, and Umbraco, WordPress remains our favorite.…

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WordPress 4.7 – “Vaughan”

All WordPress sites hosted by Kephart + Associates were updated this afternoon to the current version 4.7, nicknamed “Vaughan” after legendary jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan. Estimated downtime per site was about five minutes. Here’s a short video explaining the new features in this latest version of WordPress:

WordPress 4.6 – “Pepper”

All WordPress sites hosted by Kephart + Associates were updated to the latest version this morning. Version 4.6, nicknamed “Pepper” for jazz saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, includes several workflow improvements along with security updates. More information is available in this short video from WordPress.